Culture Exchange Global(CEG)
Culture Exchange Global
There is no limit regarding the duration of stay for each of the programmes.Participants seeking to volunteer beyond four weeks pay an additional fee for each extra month spent.Please see the table below for more information.

Cost per volunteer

DURATION                                   USD                                    EUROS                                   GBP
1-4 Weeks                                    498                                      470                                           401                           
Extra month                                 445                                      420                                           359


The cost includes the following:

Volunteers stay with Host Families in Kumasi.Volunteers placement mainly depends on the proximity to their place of work which is done by CEG staffs.
Each volunteer has to his/her own, a bed, pillow and bedspread. In the home of the host family, volunteers have access to toilet and bath, kitchen, lounge, television, radio, constant power and  water supply, dinning table and table sets.These can be seen in slide show below.Security is of outmost important to CEG therefore volunteers are placed at areas where security is high for their safety.

Volunteers are given food three times daily:Breakfast,Lunch and Supper.Packed lunch is organised for volunteers by host families who will not be home during lunch time due to their working hours.Volunteers with special needs in their diet are considered and catered because we hope to make every volunteers stay comfortable.

 Induction and orientation with staff member upon arrival
CEG ensures that upon arrival of a volunteer there is always a staff assigned to him or her.The staff member will orient the volunteer on things about his or her stay in Ghana.CEG staff will ensure that the volunteer get to his or her place of accomodation ie Host Family.Volunteers will be taken around to the City Centres,Banks,Supermarkets for them to acclamatize themselves well for their stay as well as the place where they will be volunteering.

Letter of recommendation and/or certificate of participation upon completion of program
CEG is always willing and ever prepared to give recommendation to students who request for them to help them in the school work or application to any school /college of their choice.We believe that by volunteering with CEG in the various programs volunteers are able  decide on their future profession or career. Hence, it is always our outmost desire to help these volunteers by giving them letters of recommendation for any purpose they seek to use it for.

Airport pickup and drop off

The cost does NOT include the following:

 Air travel cost to and from Ghana.

Holiday to places and events of interest.

Any expenses including transfer from one project to another.

 Insurance cover (you will need to purchase one). 

Expenses on meals and drinks from restaurants during outings.

Host family is not responsible for your feeding and accommodation cost if you travel outside home on weekends. It is your own cost. If it has to do with work authorized by the local organization, the local organization shall be responsible for your feeding and accommodation.

Transportation, Accommodation and meals in Accra first night of arrival,eventhough CEG staff will be available to pick you from the airport to your final destination.