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Application Steps

Download the forms, fill and submit it to
When to Apply: Ceg gives a minimum of 1 month .

Prospective volunteers will be notified by email of their acceptance to the programme or otherwise within two weeks of the receipt of their applications. If an applicant's request is accepted, a maximum of one week is allowed for the processing of their documents. Processing includes mailing of the necessary visa application documents.Additional information will cover the necessary vacinnation in your country and more.
You will be notified on your work placement as well as the details of the family you will be staying within 3 weeks after STEP 2.
This will include CEG officers who will orient you (assist you and provide additional details) about the things you need to know about your trip to Ghana.
However,you can email us about the things you want to know about Ghana before you travel.

One-third of the cost of volunteering for the first month must be completed  before Step 3 can be initiated.

If for any reason a prospective volunteer wishes to withdraw their participation, CEG's refund policy will be applied as follows:

  • Withdrawal when Step 3 is in progress mandates a refund of two-thirds of total costs.
  • Withdrawal after completion of Step 3 leads to a refund of only one-third of the total amount.